Fear and Gender in Public Space

Who is the city for, by whom is it created by and what shall we do there?

There is a "rape park" in almost every city. Women's fear and vulnerability in public space is universal and a subject of society - but as well yours and mine. Our patriarchal society also dominates public space and contemporary moral sense and it continues to demand women to take responsibility for male sexuality. Fear and Gender in Public Space investigates art in the public realm and the power of artistic practice to research and effect civic concerns. Through the exchange within the interdisciplinary group and encounters with the city's architecture and society designers, civics develop personal and collaborative understandings and practice.

Fear and Gender in Public Space unfolds in curatorial, social and educational practice and is part of an ongoing international curatorial/research project by Veronica Wiman called Fear and Gender in Public space taking local perspectives from a multitude of global contexts as a starting point. The ambition is to investigate international perspectives on art in the public realm and to create a Global network. The research and network shall develop a deeper communication between the civic and those possessing the power structures in society. The project shall develop practice in the public realm that serves civic interests and needs.

The subject matter of Fear and Gender in Public Space is sexual violence - rape - in public space. The project investigates global and interdisciplinary aspects of rape in current urban and social environments. Mapping personal and political understanding and experiences of fear in public space, it strives for cross cultural, gender and political communication. As a radical force it attempts to serve as a forum for gathering civic engagement and aims for creating awareness and political and social change. The project demands civic rights in public space.

Considering artistic practice as social practice, the curatorial initiative investigates social engagement and actions towards public space. The project emerges as acts and actions internationally in various venues and environments, academies, public and private space. Grasping for a cross cultural dialogue the project brings together the disciplines of urban planning, sociology, artistic practice, architecture, politics, and social services. The public, students, artistic practitioners, activists, cultural producers come together with social service departments such as medical, law enforcement and justice to share and implement each other's knowledge and to construct a city for everyone - built for gender equality.

Veronica Wiman

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